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welcome to inspiration, the latest generation of our discussion board intended solely to provide a common ground for fans of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, as well as any other topics that might lend themselves to lively discussion. If you're interested in joining in, our just like to lurk, please take the opportunity to register for free and join our community.

we'd like to mention that we're currently in the process of tweaking a beta of our custom engine for the message system, and hope to be completed soon. in addition to tighter integration with our Group of Sites, we aim to provide our users with a level of service consummate with our aspirations for the group.

dragonsworn itself is an organization aimed at creating a home on the web for fans of ScienceFiction, Fantasy, and Horror. On-line in several incarnations since 1998, we recently relaunched in November of 2003 and are doing better than ever. In addition to our core website and inspiration, we invite you to visit inspiration - our renowed fantasy/sci-fi gallery, as well as divination - a human edited directory of sf/f/h links.

dragonsworn is always looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our staff, in a multitiude of positions. Basically, if you want to help out - we have a position for you. For more details, please check out 'help wanted' page. We'd like to stress that we are a not-for-profit organization, and as such cannot (and will not) compensate you for your work. Please clearly understand the preceding sentence before contacting us, as it will save both of us valuable time.

Thanks for visiting inspiration, and we hope you'll drop by again the future. If you have suggestions, complaints, compliments, or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.