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Author Topic: word or two
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posted 09 September 2004 10:53 PM      $post_id   Email Michael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Word X2
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posted 09 September 2004 10:57 PM      $post_id   Email Michael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Session Start: Thu Sep 09 20:50:07 2004
Session Ident: Ishy
158:50p07| Session Ident: Ishy (Ishy@540cf85.a34b1a3.cable.rogers.com)
158:50p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 you around oz?
158:58p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 yo
158:59p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 sorry was watching Big Brother
159:17p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 awww man, never admit that in public ;)
159:17p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 hey, if you have a moment
159:17p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 sure
159:17p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 can you check the url: http://inspiration.dragonsworn.com
159:17p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 sup
159:18p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 there
159:18p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 and tell me if it runs an error message, or goes to a complete mage?
159:18p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 looks good from here
159:18p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 fuck yeah :)
159:18p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 nice eyes
159:19p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 sweet, i can't change the dns, so just wrote a .cgi redirect, but it was having issues with ie, just making sure i got em fixed
159:19p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I can check with firefox too
159:19p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 heh, ty. The *entire* msg system is custom coded,
159:19p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 running our wide beta
159:19p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 nice
159:19p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I am bout to load my modded version of hybrid here
159:19p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 pls check firefox, cause that screwed me first.... and then I changed it to work with ffx, and lost ie... begh
159:19p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 hybrid?
159:20p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ircd?
159:20p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 yup
159:20p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 nice, you got it done?
159:20p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 it's seeming pretty stable..
159:20p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 and uh, does it work?
159:20p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 :P
159:20p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 sweet man, i didn't know you were that close.
159:20p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 and got the functions to do what they are supposed to do
159:20p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 just some mods and addons..
159:20p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 not a fully coded ircd
159:21p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 it's what efnets runs..
159:21p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 the base anyway
159:21p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I just added services support..
159:21p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 hostmasking
159:21p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 and some tweeks to services
159:21p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 what language is that done in?
159:22p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 C
159:22p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 firefox is good
159:23p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 shit, c is hardcore :P
159:23p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 yeah, ffx rocks
159:23p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 hey, do you still have an account on inspiration?
159:23p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 ummm
159:24p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 lemme check
159:24p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 i only migrated after oct 30,
159:24p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 if you give me a username or email, i can check under the old ubb
159:24p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 cause then you can run a quick re-activation check for me
159:24p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 ozzy
159:24p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 should be under that
159:24p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I think
159:25p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 nup, don't see it
159:25p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 hmmm
159:25p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I can register again
159:25p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 try ummm
159:25p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 wrath or resident
159:26p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ahhh, resident
159:26p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 do you remember your pass?
159:26p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 probably..
159:26p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 okee
159:27p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I always use about the same
159:27p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 lol
159:27p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 good, cause ubb doesn't encrypt, so they're there, but I'd rather not look at yours if you use it for other sites.
159:27p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 yeh, that's stupid about ubb. Any good site should use one way encryption
159:28p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 actually..
159:28p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 go ahead and tell me
159:28p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 dont seem to be working
159:28p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 hold on, let me find your user #
159:29p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 if you'd rather,
159:29p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 you can just register a new account, then I can check the email, and registration subs
159:29p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 then i don't have to look at yer password
159:29p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 that's fine..
159:29p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 i can test that on other accounts regardless
159:30p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 kk
159:30p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 how you wanna do it?
159:30p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I will just register a new account..
159:30p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 gold
159:31p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ty for your time mike, i really do appreciate it.
159:31p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 np man..
159:31p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 you have used time on me b4
159:31p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 like, dave helped me out the other day, and he helped me catch a major bug. I never though to consider two people replying to the same topic at the same time, so it really fucked up the boards. good to get a hand ;)
159:31p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 :P
159:32p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 ;p
159:33p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 darn.. have to have a 6 character name
159:33p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 lol
159:33p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 :P
159:34p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 i'll change that at some point, it's really the pw that matters
159:34p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 just waiting on the e-mail
159:36p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 Welcome to our newest member: Michael
159:36p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14
159:36p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 :)_
159:36p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 sweet
159:36p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 :D
159:36p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 it's one thing to have them work when you run it yourself, but another when it actually runs, if you know what i mean
159:37p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 when you get your email, instead of manually activating, pls click on the link
159:37p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I did
159:37p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 wanna mae sure remote acv work
159:37p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 gold, are you activated?
159:37p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 yep
159:37p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 logged in
159:37p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ok, now i just want to test rankings
159:37p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 what alignment did you choose?
159:38p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 iniquity
159:38p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ok, go to down to the last category, beta test
159:38p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 and click on test threads
159:38p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 there
159:38p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 post a new topic. Copy & paste to make it long
159:38p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 and then post a reply, copy & paste a log whatever
159:39p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 (the longer the post, the more points)
159:39p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 i just want to make sure you rank up when you have enough points
159:40p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 uh oh..
159:40p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 when I go to beta test..
159:40p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 it says I am not logged in..
159:40p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 so I login again..
159:40p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 samething
159:40p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 ahh..
159:40p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I see the prob..
159:40p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 my side
159:40p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 1 sec
159:41p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 oh shit
159:41p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 firefox?
159:41p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 nah
159:41p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 hmmm, should work under ie, i had ffx problems, thought i fixed them
159:41p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 dammit
159:41p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 was my side
159:42p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 explain?
159:42p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 not your site
159:42p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 even without cookies, it should still keep your sessions logged in
159:42p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 you have a hotmail account?
159:42p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 if you click on a link..
159:42p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 yeh
159:42p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 shamirnandy@hotmail.com
159:42p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ahhhh
159:42p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 it opens it in a msn window
159:42p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 yeah, the frames page
159:42p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 blah blah
159:42p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 yep
159:42p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ok, whew :)
159:42p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 that was the prob
159:42p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I am going to post our log..
159:43p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 so make sure no info in here you dont want on the site
159:43p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 lol
159:43p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 heh ;)
159:44p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 actually.. I will use something else
159:44p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 btw man, these forums are mad powerful, fast, (not so secure, now that i'm done algorithims, working on htat and above all - 100% customizable. Any gfx you want, any user titles - anything. Best of all, you can run forum code in any app. Our beta test for reviews runs user comments, shit like that. So when I have it all wrapped up and deployable, if you want to run em, you're more than welcome.
159:45p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 I guarantee you, they kick ass I just want the security holes patched, and then I have 6-7 people i'll run em out to.
159:48p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 hmmm
159:48p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I posted it..
159:48p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 took forever.. but I dont see it
159:48p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 uh
159:48p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 you posted a new topic?
159:49p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 it was MASSIVE
159:49p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 yeah
159:49p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ok
159:49p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 but..
159:49p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I dont see it
159:49p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 uhm, post a new topic, just make it a word or two
159:49p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 i don't see it either
159:49p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 first i want to make sure your login is authenicated
159:49p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 k
159:53p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 did you do it?
159:53p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 check now
159:53p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 yeah
159:53p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ahhh
159:53p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 100 points
159:53p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 word or two
159:53p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 Word X2
159:53p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 i'm weirded out that your first one didn't post.
159:54p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 if there was a problem with the size, you should have got a big black break in the graphics, and on highlight, a mysql error
159:54p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I tried againg tool..
159:54p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 anyways, post a reply
159:54p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 too*
159:54p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 again too?
159:54p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 yeah.. the whole page went black..
159:54p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 except the top
159:54p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ahhhh
159:54p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 next time that happens
159:54p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 hilight the black, cause it's an erorr message, which is black text on black
159:55p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 sorry, i didn't think you'd be able to break it that easily.
159:55p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 out of curiousity, what did you paste into the msg?
159:55p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 (cause, i can tell you... but if you paste sql commands without distinct calls, you can pirate the whole system :)
159:55p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 [hence, no release until it's secured :)]
159:55p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 changelog from hybrid
159:55p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 lol
159:56p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 I would paste it here..
159:56p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 but could flood me off
159:56p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 lmao
159:56p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 hahah
159:56p07| 07(1514Oz07)15 it's huge
159:56p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 ok, let's not got that big
159:56p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 just post this log
159:56p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 (i can delete it after, cause i don't want the sec hole public)
159:56p07| 07(1415Ishy07)14 but for general size

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posted 09 September 2004 11:01 PM      $post_id   Email Michael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
scorpiu1@shell[~/t-hybrid/contrib] $gmake
gcc -MM -I../include m_capture.c m_clearchan.c m_classlist.c m_flags.c m_force.c m_help.c m_jupe.c m_map.c m_killhost.c m_mkpasswd.c m_ojoin.c m_omotd.c m_operspy.c m_opme.c m_tburst.c > .depend
/usr/bin/sed -e 's/\.o/.so/g' < .depend > .depend.tmp
/bin/mv -f .depend.tmp .depend
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_capture.c -o m_capture.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_clearchan.c -o m_clearchan.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_classlist.c -o m_classlist.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_flags.c -o m_flags.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_force.c -o m_force.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_help.c -o m_help.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_jupe.c -o m_jupe.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_map.c -o m_map.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_killhost.c -o m_killhost.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_mkpasswd.c -o m_mkpasswd.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_ojoin.c -o m_ojoin.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_omotd.c -o m_omotd.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_operspy.c -o m_operspy.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_opme.c -o m_opme.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_tburst.c -o m_tburst.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_ctrace.c -o m_ctrace.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_ltrace.c -o m_ltrace.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g m_whois.c -o m_whois.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g spy_admin_notice.c -o spy_admin_notice.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g spy_info_notice.c -o spy_info_notice.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g spy_links_notice.c -o spy_links_notice.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g spy_motd_notice.c -o spy_motd_notice.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g spy_stats_notice.c -o spy_stats_notice.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g spy_stats_p_notice.c -o spy_stats_p_notice.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g spy_trace_notice.c -o spy_trace_notice.so
gcc -fPIC -DPIC -shared -I../include -Wall -g spy_whois_notice.c -o spy_whois_notice.so

Posts: 9 | ID: 152  |  Aligned: iniquity  |  House: Decay