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inspiration » Z - Beta Test Information » 01 - BETA - Updates » Minor Update & Projections - 16.09.2004
Author Topic: Minor Update & Projections - 16.09.2004
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posted 16 September 2004 09:58 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
As requested by an anonymous user *cough* mordeth] *cough* elementary moderator support has been added. This means forums now support real users as moderators (instead of just displaying ins staff), and link to their profiles.

Moderator powers aren't actually implemented. This will be done this weekend.

This will be 3fold -

1]users designated as moderators will be at least 500 level access.

2] A moderator will have delete/edit access in their own forum, and nowhere else, unless they authent at over 600.

3] >600 is a veteran staff member, and has moderation powers over their moderated forum, as well as every other forum in the associated category. Users over 700 will have global editing powers.

As a note, this weekened a deletion script will be implemented. This will allow specific users to delete posts. As for now - we're sticking with UBB rules, and will not a user to delete their own posts. They are more than welcome to edit their posts to show blank, but the fact they posted is an integral part of future replies. Once a user deletes a post that other people have answered, they're damaging the integrity of other peoples posts. As a result, I believe I may allow users to delete empty topics they have posted, or their post - if it's the last in a thread. Not sure though, input would be appreciated.

Aside from that, it's another gate in the auth membrane to allow moderator access to general posts, and this should all be done when I'm not too drunk and not too hungover. As these spaces are few and far between - no promises, but an hour on Sunday should do it.


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posted 17 September 2004 03:40 AM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
From experience, I believe allowing a user to delete their own post iff it is the last one in a thread, which means they can create a thread, delete their post iff it is the first and only, and it will delete the thread as well. Of course, points deletion will also need to be addressed.

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