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Author Topic: Applause for Mordeth
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posted 16 September 2004 10:15 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
I would just like to take a moment to acknowledge Mordeth's invaluable contribution to the development of the inspiration incarnation of iniquity (now that just rolls off the tongue!)

This board has been a load of work, and the wide-beta you've been using is only half complete. As it is however, you guys have Mordeth to thank that's it even usable.

As our sole consistent tester, Mordeth has ensured the basic functionality of the board - and more. His incessant whining (uh, suggestions)have led you to enjoy a great many features that wouldn't have been implemented,

For example: The fact that the board automatically forwards you when it says it will. That was left at the bottom of the list, but Mordeth's complaint got it fixed. This is just one example of many - but he's been invaluable to the intrinsic development of both inspiration (the boards) and iniquity (the engine, which will also power dragonsworn).

As such, I'd like to announce Mordeth's promotion to veteran staff member, at level 601. In addition, he will be our acting Director of the upcoming 'Conception', dragonsworn's poetry site, until such time as Egwene is able to rejoin us - at which point Mordeth will act as her adjunct, as it were

Without members like John, dragonsworn would be a lost cause - regardless of our best intentions. We've always been a manifestation of our users, and John's one of the best.

On behalf of dragonsworn, I'd like to thank Mordeth for his contributions, and congratulation him on his promotion. On a related and more general note - I'd like to thank all of users in general. You make us what we are, and we owe our current success and existence to your continued support.

edited by Ishamael on September 16th, 2004

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posted 21 October 2004 11:25 AM      $post_id   Email Mordeth   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
you know I completely missed this post.... until just now. Thanks Ish... I try real hard to let my whining.... uh, concerns, be heard. I dont know if I can say that I was that instrumental in iniquity but I do appreciate the gesture. btw I should have one or two new poems finished soon.

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