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Author Topic: Minor Update - 17.09.2004
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A note concerning usernames vs. displaynames, the technicality of their expressions, and chronological synchornization. In more palpatable language:

[1] Displaynames with apostrophes no longer show the escaping slash on the main page. Thanks Drizzt for pointing this out.

[2] On the main page again, When the board retreived the latest topic, it would display the poster via the displayname they had when they last posted, regardless if they had chosen a new one. This will now display the CURRENT displayname of the latest poster, no matter how old the topic is. This removes much confusion.

The above also applies to 'Category' display, as it operates much the same as the regular page, simply in a truncated format.

edited by Ishamael on September 17th, 2004

edited by Ishamael on September 17th, 2004

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