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Author Topic: Ashara Dayne
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Alright, fellow me lads, time for a new topic, methinks !

It's been bugging me for a long time now and I just can't put my mind to rest about it : why did Ashara Dayne commit suicide ?
There are obviously a couple of possible scenarios here, but I'd like to get your input on the matter.
I've been reading some other forums (fora ?) and come up with zilch on a definite answer, but I tend to believe the whole ToJ-bussiness is crucial to our understanding of some of the finer points of the story.

My most recent theories all are a bit extravagant (but hey, who knows ?), so I won't bother you with them just yet, mostly because I'm a real incompetent on the chronology of stuff...

Anyhow, what could be reason enough for Ashara to kill herself? Certainly not the loss of her brother, but perhaps her child ? Was there some kind of switcheroo (Jon + Edric Dayne) going on ? Did she have to give up her own child ? Was she pregnant from the SotM ? Why ? Why ? Why ?

On a side-note, anyone else notice the huge level of soap-operaness these kind of discussions possess ?

Please, please (please) provide me with new insights...


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Hahahhaha, good point - it's like following "Days of Our Lives".

I need to do some fact checking before I can really get into this -

Any answers to this question directly depend Jon's parentage. If Jon is Ashara's son by Ned (which I'm beginning to think unlikely - I'd say Lyanna's son) she just might not have been able to bear having a son with a man she loved, who killed a brother she loved so dearly and such. It was mentioned she was very very close to the SoTM.

I think we can rule out she was pregnant by incest, as GRRM's played that card and I don't see it being at the heart of another huge mystery.

As for the switcheroo, it appears Edric Dayne was born 4 years after Ashara died, to an unnamed sibling. As such, we can assure ourselves that said switcheroo didn't occur.

Finally, maybe she just fell...

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posted 04 October 2004 08:50 AM      $post_id   Email Patchface   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Alright, gonna' add some food for thought to my own thread for you to chew over...

Done some more reading forums and an interesting scenario came up for Ashara's fate. Seeing as I had some difficulty explaining her suicide to myself, this might actually fit a bit better...

Here goes :

She *didn't* die at all, she simply left for wherever she went to. Note I found this in a thread concerning the would-be survival of little baby Aegon, where someone stated Ashara might have spirited him away to someplace safe.
There's a lot more to this - admittedly farfetched, but not impossible - theory concerning Varys, Viserys, Dany, Ned, Elia et al, but maybe one of you might try to shoot this one down ?

I don't actually recall who believed in Ashara's death and why (no body, after all), so maybe there are some clues there as well...

BTW, I do not necessarily believe there's still an Aegon around, but it makes for some pleasant speculations, no ?


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People overgeneralize too often

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