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Author Topic: Perfect Westeros: as appointed by you.
Garlan the Galant
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posted 06 October 2004 03:42 AM      $post_id   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Ok, I think it would be fun if everyone wanted to choose who you think would fill the following major roles in the government of a perfect Westeros. I'd say try and limit it to people who are still alive by the end of SoS. You can choose one person for two positions if it fits. For instance, Lord of Winterfell can be Warden of the North. But don't make choices that would involve forsaking vows. For instance, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch can't be Lord of Winterfell.

Small Council
King's Hand-
Grand Maester-
Master of Coin-
Master of Whisperers-
Master of Ships-
Master of Laws-
Lord Commander of the Kingsguard-
Rest of Kingsguard-
Warden of the North-
Lord of the North-
Warden of the East-
Lord of the Eyrie-
Warden of the West-
Lord of the Westerlands-
Lord of the Riverlands-
Lord of the Iron Islands-
Warden of the South-
Lord of the Reach-
Lord of the Stormlands-
Lord of Dorne-
Lord Commander of the Night's Watch-

I think that's all. If anyone else can think of some vitally important positions, do mention them. I haven't decided myself on most of these so I'll put something together and post it later. Feel free to do what you will, but I prefer to consider family claims as well as good leadership to make my decisions. At any rate, have fun.

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posted 06 October 2004 04:16 AM      $post_id   Email Patchface   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Oooh, nice question. Although a lot depends on how one would define a 'perfect' Westeros. Anyway, here are my - heavily biased - choices :

King - Gendry
Queen - Sansa Stark
Small Council - Samwell Tarly, Loras Tyrell, possibly Varys (but he'll die), a Frey, Robert Arryn (for political reasons, only), a Lannister, possibly Thoros (if he survives his encounter with Melissandre)
King's Hand - Hmmm, Garlan Tyrell
Grand Maester - don't know too many of these, but Sam will be too young, so don't know
Master of Coin - Tyrion
Master of Whispereres - Who else ? Arya Stark
Master of Ships - Davos
Master of Laws - Stannis
LC of the KG - either Barristan Selmy or Jaime
Rest KG - Balon Swann, Loras Tyrell, Jaime Lannister, Robert Arryn (see above), Daario Naaharis, Bron (for the necessary cynicism)
Warden of the North - Dany
Lord of the North - Rickon Stark
Warden of the East - Robert Arryn in name, a Royce in reality
Lord of the Eyrie - see Warden
Warden of the West - Tyrek or Kevan Lannister
Lord of the Westerlands - Cersei (yes, Cersei)
Lord of the Riverlands - I'd like to see a Reed, here, but they're too...different, I guess. So possibly a Glover (are they still alive ?)
Lord of the Iron Islands - Euron or Asha
Warden of the South - Garlan Tyrell
Lord of the Reach - Garlan Tyrell (I really like him, did you notice ?)
Lord of the Stormlands - Who else ? Hot Pie ! Seriously though, Stannis would be great, but it'll never happen...
Lord of Dorne - dunno' really...Varys or Illyrio, maybe ?
LC of the NW - Now this is easy ! Jon, of course

Please note I anticipate a lot here and obviously some positions (like Gendry, Sansa, Sam) are for future purposes only.

I'm looking forward to seeing other people's choices, as mine are mainly chosen from the main characters in the series so far. My memory simply deserts me when trying to recall cool 'minor' characters, so I think I'll be seeing a lot of : "Damn, wish I'd thought of him/her !"


People overgeneralize too often

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Garlan the Galant
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posted 06 October 2004 03:59 PM      $post_id   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Nice picks Patchface. I especially like your appointments of Garlan. If you can't tell by my name, I'm a huge Garlan fan. I'm thinking of starting a new thread that points out all the reasons Garlan is the sh**. One point of yours that puzzles me is your appointment of Robert Arryn to the Kingsguard. WTF? Anyhow, I've come up with my list for the most part.

King- Jon Targaryen(I'm convinced he is Rhaegars son and the Prince that was Promised).
Queen- Dany Targaryen (Incestuous: yes. But I don't think she'd have it any other way).
King's Hand- Tyrion Lannister
Grand Maester- Aemon Targaryen (though he's old, he's the best Maester I've met so far).
Master of Coin- Illyrio
Master of Whisperers- Varys (I think he truly is trying to do what's best for the realm).
Master of Ships- Davos
Master of Laws- Samwell Tarly
LC of KG- Barristan Selmy.
Rest of KG- Jaime Lannister, Balon Swann, Loras Tyrell, Brienne Tarth, Edric Dayne, and, my favorite selection, Podrick Payne.
Warden of the North- Bran Stark
Lord of the North- Bran Stark (Rickon will be on hand to make plenty of babies and be heir).
Warden of the East- Tyrion Lannister
Lord of the Vale- Robert Arryn (With the tutelage of Sansa and Tyrion, his Foster parents. That's right, Sansa will be saved from cruel, pretty boy Littlefinger by Tyrion and will finally see him for the great man he is and welcome him into her bed. Ok, so I'm dreaming, but this is the ideal.)
Warden of the West- Brynden Tully
Lord of the Riverlands- Brynden Tully
Lord of the Westerlands- Tommen(under the tutelage of Kevan).
Lord of the Iron Islands- Theon Greyjoy (if he's still alive. I only pick him cause he'll be easiest to treat with, with the rest of his family out of the picture.)
Warden of the South- Garlan Tyrell
Lord of the Reach- Garlan Tyrell
Lord of the Stormlands- Gendry
Lord of Dorne-(don't really know any Dornishmen. Doran Martell will not work though.)
LC of the NW- Jorah Mormont

There you have it. My picks are really based on my best case scenario for the outcome of the books. I'll have to summarize that scenario some other time.

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posted 07 October 2004 03:27 AM      $post_id   Email Patchface   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Greetings, Garlan !

Just had to react on your post...

1. Why Robert Arryn in the KG ? Well, I'm hoping he'll turn out to be less like GRRM has portrayed him so far. And while I think he will learn some harsh lessons under LF's parentage, I also believe not being cuddled by his mommy will possibly alleviate his seizures. And yes, Sansa will play a surrogate mother of sorts, but her lessons with Sandor will serve her well in guiding the lad towards greatness, methinks !

2. Jon and Dany as King and Queen ? Not gonna' happen...
It has too much 'prophecy fulfilled, goody-goody' content to happen, unless it is in a *very* twisted GRRM-manner. Still, seems unlikely to me. As unlikely as Gendry and Sansa, probably

3. the KG : #@$! How could I forget Brienne ? Of course she'll be on it (if she survives) ! And I like your choice of Podrick Payne.

4. Theon will probably realize pretty soon (if he hasn't already, flaying will do that to man...or so I've heard ) that he simply is not a true Ironborn anymore. The tutelage of Ned Stark et al has permanently left its mark - too much so for him to even appreciate 'ruling' his native lands. He will possibly be needed elsewhere.

5. Jorah as LC of the NW. Good choice !

6. What *do* we actually know of Garlan Tyrell that isn't hearsay or based on the 2,3 lines he's had so far. Mind you, I agree he's da bomb and all that, but could this be due to my (our) expertly manipulated (gut) feelings ?!

Still, great picks, Garlan, never mind what I think might or might not happen !


Edit : added Jorah. Won't forget him anymore...

edited by Patchface on October 7th, 2004

People overgeneralize too often

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Garlan the Galant
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posted 07 October 2004 04:45 AM      $post_id   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Well, I was gonna put it in another thread, but to hell with it, I'll list the reasons Garlan is awesome. And this stuff is from the book, not hearsay.
1.He sees what a great man Tyrion really is. He recognizes the vital part he played in the Battle of the Blackwater and is sure to commend him for it. Granted, this is no more than any decent person should give, but it seems that decency is in short supply with regards to "The Imp".
2.We later learn that it was he who rode as "Renly's Ghost". The more recognized hero of the Battle of the Blackwater. Notice he make's no claim to this glory even though it is his. He even has a line when he speaks to Tyrion, "A valiant deed unsung is no less valiant." He's referring to Tyrion's deeds in the battle, but it applies to his own. While everyone else at the Wedding Feast is masturbating themselves about the great deeds they've done, the two real heroes sit far from the center and jest about the ridiculous singers. Ya gotta love that.
3. When Joffrey pours his wine on Tyrion's head, Garlan actually has the balls to reprimand him, "That was ill done, Your Grace." Granted, a rather polite reprimand, but more than anyone else is willing to do for the little SOB. Even so, he is the first to rush to Joffrey's aid when he is choking to death.
4.He asks Sansa to dance at her sorry wedding reception. While this could be seen as simple courtesy, it becomes clear in his conversation with her that he is persceptive to her pains. Yet, rather than express his pity for her, as everyone else seems to do, he tries to get her to see that Tyrion will make a good husband.
5. Ser Loras, seen by most as one of the greatest knights in the seven kingdoms, admits that Garlan is a better sword than he, while he is still the better lance. He makes this remark as we observe Garlan sparring with three men against him and doing quite well.

For these reasons, Garlan is the shit. He always struck me as being more kind than many others, but after the second read, I realized he was an exceptional man and should play bigger role in the future. Even if he doesn't, I think it's brilliant how Martin has given us a fairly complete image of this character from 3 short scenes. At any rate, it's reassuring to know that there are still true knights amongst all the false ones.

As for your comments on my appoinments, Patchface. I think you've made some good points but I'll have to give my defense on them in another post as it is now late.


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posted 08 October 2004 03:16 AM      $post_id   Email Patchface   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Greetings (again), Garlan !

Maybe you/we *should* make a new thread about Garlan...Possibly about purely 'white' or 'black' characters ?
Anyway, in short, great summary (well, actually it *is* all we know of him) and Garlan definitely seems to fall in the all-White category (note the word 'seems', of course)...
Allround great guy, chivalrous, emphatic, sincere, righteous (I hope this is the correct term...), great morals, great swordsman and whatnot. Let's hope he *truly* *is* all that and not a secret child-molesting, alcoholic, mother-beating, cross-dressing Targaryen !


People overgeneralize too often

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