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inspiration » C - Other Things We Like » 02 - Silver Screen » Venture Bros. (TV) : Possibly the best show on television.
Author Topic: Venture Bros. (TV) : Possibly the best show on television.
Lord Union
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posted 12 October 2004 04:34 PM      $post_id   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
I love everything about this show since the first episode.

If you don't know, The Venture Brothers [insert skull icon into the "o" of Brothers] is based on the Hanna-Barbara classic Jonny Quest.

So far, it focuses on a Duckman-esque pretentious failure of a widowered father who's workplace incompetence (semi-super-scientist) and poor parenting skills have led him to a life in which he can never go beyond his father's success.

Doomed to life as a perpetual punchline; the complex and comedic psychology of this character rivals any funny-neurotic moments the Sopranos come up with.

All of the characters are superbly voiced and there is strong writing that fuses cartoon gags with sitcom sensibilities while playing with the cache of nostalgic comicbook characters thrown into our world of cinicism and nihilism.

Dr. Venture's sons, Hank and Dean are sublimely normal; Giving rise to serious questions of what the meaning of normalization of the extreme can acheiv in children living in the shadow of a more magnificent past that they have never know.

Brock Samson, the family's government mandated bodygaurd is a combination of the sexuality of Our Man Flint and the brutality of a super-hack and slash Anime hero.

I'm trying to wrap it up.

The Villains are great.

You must watch it to beleive: [AS] Saturday and Sunday nights.


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