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Author Topic: knights of the old republic
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posted 23 November 2004 01:39 PM      $post_id   Email Muad'Dib   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
has any one played knights of the old republic. I played it and it was really good. I was like addicted for real. My roommate doesn't even play role playing games but he got hooked. (All he really plays is smack down or madden.) Anyway, i mentioned it because an part two is supposed to come out on the 8th of december. a must buy for myself.

another thing.....

I like playing my x-box more than i like playing my ps2. actually the only reason i still play my ps2 is because 1 i still hold a little loyalty to metal gear solid, and 2 some games just don't come out on xbox that come out on ps2.

does any body know when the ps3 is supposed to come out?

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posted 29 November 2004 12:05 AM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ashaman   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
i just bought it a couple weeks back & think it's great. I've been roling through as the lightside to check out the powers. Pretty cool stuff. i've been playing it on the PC though & am wondering how the graphics compare to those on the x-box

Looks like the PS3 will not be out until late 05 early 06 -> PS3 FAQ. the next x-box is due out around the same time too.

Have you seen the new PS2 consoles? The thing is now slightly larger than a dvd case! freaking small!

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posted 30 November 2004 03:27 PM      $post_id   Email Mordeth   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
yeah I love KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic)
my characters either ride the fence or go completely evil...

KOTOR 2 is slated to come out in like 2 weeks

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posted 18 December 2004 03:00 AM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Lord-Aginor   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Aginor has been suggested to play KOTOR by many people.

With rare exception, Aginor does not like most Bioware/Black Isle games. Aginor enjoyed BG: Dark Alliance 1 and 2 (Mostly because it is a game you play with a friend). Aginor also loved the hell out of the Fallout Series (And hopes that Bethesda does not suckify it).

However, Aginor's heart lies with Console style gaming. He is sure that KOTOR is an excellent game, as many people rave as such... just like he is sure HALO is an excellent game, because people rave as such.

However, Aginor loves his interactive books. Aginor loved the hell out of Xenosaga, so what if there was many story sequences? Aginor doesn't mind watching all the LOTR films one after the other, why should he care about the length of cut scenes? This is why he BUYS games, for the stories.

There is just something about PC style roleplaying games that lacks a soul. This is Aginor's opinion, and not particularly shared with everybody. Most people think PC RPG's are chock full of soul... they're entitled to it.

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posted 25 January 2005 12:07 PM      $post_id   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
KOTOR is my hero. It saved me from all the crapy games.
Along with Morrowind and Fable, X-Box is a must own for RPG fans.
So is a PS2 for the Final Fantasy series.
But alas the poor Gamecube. Absolutly no must own RPGs for this system. So sad.

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