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Author Topic: Just a little update....
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posted 19 January 2005 10:15 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Yeah, so it's been awhile, with absolutely no developments... I can imagine how people might feel about that.

Just so you know, since I started my job actually programming php/mysql, iniquity for evn has been restarted several times - as I learn better ways to do stuff. I do want to assure you that it has been worked on, although very sporadically. I'm hoping to get it done by the end of february - including user accounts, ins tie-ins, and fully automated admin panels, commenting, rating, mini-reviews, and such.

So bear with me. The only issue here is that we had a lot of momentum from the Nov 03 relaunch, which we've pretty well let slide. We still receive lots of email from the gaming community, so we haven't lost that, and at some point we'll get an interview with China Mieville up.

So just a general state of the group, as it were. Mordeth, I don't want to break your heart - but conception (to be renamed, missing a syllable) won't take a bow for a good while. Also, I think i8 is pretty well cancelled. We may keep the downloadable mag format for something else, but as far as WoT - it's not going to happen. Maybe after the next book, but as it stands the majority of our (my) resources are aimed at launching evolution with the iniquity engine.

So quote me on the end of Feb. I'm optimistic it may be done sometime in the middle, but you never know.

Thanks for your patience,


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posted 20 January 2005 11:44 AM      $post_id   Email Mordeth   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
why me?! WHY??? Ehhh.... at this point I firgured it was going to be quite some time before anything truely got done on the Poetry page. I have school coming up, so I really wont spend to much time thinking about it. I do, however appreciate some communication. I know your busy so I wont bust your chops on this, but for me it worse not to hear anything than to not have anything done. I hope your leaving yourself enough time to sleep, read and play video games. Because not everything is work you know. Whatever you do don't wear yourself out. Anyhow if you ever need help with anything let me know, you do have one of my e-mail addresses afterall.

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posted 21 February 2005 11:58 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Good news:

It's coming along down. I guess for pure benchmarks, we're back where we were a couple months ago: The reviews section is done.

I want to stress however, that this time it's much more OOPy. So this also includes a bunch of other stuff being done - pretty well the entire site aside from the features & fiction sections, because of their special formatting (ie, page breaks & length). Things are also fully searchable now, and the aforementioned sections should be done within a week.

After that - before we go live we'll implement a ratings system, and then phase in registered features over a leisurely timescale. So just a heads up.


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posted 27 February 2005 05:40 AM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
So yeah, fiction and reviews are done. They look pretty good and work even better - much less hassle then before.

So, a couple more small parts, and then we go into a rough alpha for testing. So, if things continue at this rate we should be able to swap the main website in a week or two - although we won't.

Currently we'll have recreated the existing website in its entirety. Next up will be adding some useful features. Prolly week for dev on comments, user ratings, search, and a couple others. Then we'll spend another week for testing, and update the main website.

After that, the big work will be adding features for members who are logged in.

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posted 19 March 2005 07:11 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
So some updates:

[1] - Features are completed. This means interviews, gallery, primers, websites, reviews - wahtever. Everything displays perfectly. Updates also go over to fiction and reviews again. This was a pretty big hurdle on the way to getting us ready for an wide release, and it's done.

[2] - How bout this? Comments are 90% done. We had some before - but now they look pretty. Much more importantly, users can quickReply straight from the reviews page, using JS to display the entry form. QR includes an option for all our emoticons, and formatting for bold/italics/quote/url, but not image and url. A full reply will take it over to INS. We've also limited our comment display to the first 5 comments. Let me know if you guys think it should be the latest 5, or whatever. There's a button to show all - in which case the review will disappear - we'll get the capsule, and then however many comments there are.

[3] - A message interface for Evo, so we can see 'you've been credited..' or 'cannot post due to..' messages in front of stuff, in an Evo specific display. This includes some nice gfx.

[4] - Reviews have been tweaked - they can be referenced by their unique ID, but more importatantly: We can ref by title. So you can type in 'A Storm of Swords' into the URL if you're a dick, and it'll parse it properly and display the correct review.

[5] - A fledgling UI, touched upon above. As it stands right now, if you've logged in via INS and have a cookie set, it'll carry through to evo. This means you'll have the ability to post comments through the Evo interface under your displayname, get points, blah blah blah.

Next Post is shit that's coming up.

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posted 19 March 2005 07:18 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Currently in Development:

[1] - A complete UI. A login box on every page, as it currently only picks up cookies.

[2] - The ability to display a page with the full comment thread, and just the review capsule.

[3] - Advanced Search. Basically, this will be for author names - as when searching by author we'll match not just exact text, but soundex functionality as well - to keep it relevant we'll restrict matches to within 3 levenshtein units.

[4] - still need default pages for uncompleted shit - like poetry, columns, stuff like that. Also need an article interface. This is user-wise very important, but work-wise very light.

[5] - Prolly the most significant, yet pretty easy. A user rating system, front-ended in JS. Basically, you'll see 'WE SAY' and a rating on each review, as well as an average user rating. Then, one time only, you can rate each review - and it'll be included in the average. Next time you see it, you'll see 'we say', 'average rating' (graphical), and 'you rated this:'. The JS is key, because the average rating will be images - x/10 dark blue bars. When you run over it, wherever you move your mouse - it'll roll to light blue. It's a pretty feature, and looks nice.

[6] - This is a huge one. Admin functionality. We need a way for people to submit shit. As this is pretty in depth, next post will handle it. Excuse me, but this is also my note-having interface.

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posted 19 March 2005 07:42 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Admin Interface:

Everything this time around is much more OOP and SQL oriented. We're running around 40 tables instead of like 5. This makes things much faster (as we can pull associations, not have to expand imploded data) but more importantly, it allows features like search and URL titles to work.

As a result, we also have some perks. If someone submits a review for 'A Feast for Crows', it'll ask them some basic stuff:

Author Name: They enter the author name, if we have a decent match, that'll come up. Ie, we'll match GRRM pretty close, and they can tag it as a GRRM book. If it was somebody else like Zombie H. Jesus, then they can add the author. This means we can easily search/list books by author. In addition, we'll check the Xaraya tables, and then for this review we'll automatically include a 'See GRRM at diviniation link' if we have links for it. We can also run through our features info, and as we have a feature for GRRM - a second sidebar will have a link to our feature.

Series: They enter the series name. Ie, 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. We'll match this - and then build a 'related books' sidebar. Every book in that series we have reviewed will show up with it's series position and a link. This is obviously good, but it also means we can run search/list by series, and is great for listing feature author reviews. A KEY here is our imported reveiws link to static webpages on our old site - (ie, clashofkings.html), and a script will be written to make these work.

Local Links Users can choose from a drop down to include a link to any other review of ours. HTML will not be allowed, so they can only choose approved links. These are internals, otherwise it'll appear as a note to the Admin who's approving it - nothing with an external link will be allowed without Admin approval. In addition, plan on support for future links - Ie, reviewing a GRRM short story and AFFC is out, but not reviewed. We can include normal text, and once the review goes live it'll be automatically linked. This is based on the title->reviewId process outlined earlier.

Xaraya - Xaraya kicks ass. But at some time, we're going to divest divination of it. The issue basically lies in the fact that all our content runs through a bevy of association tables. Whatever it is, through assoc tables we know it relates to say, AuthorId 1 - GRRM. Using Xaraya, we need to pick AuthorId 1's text equivalent (F: George M: R. R. L: Martin) and run a match on it, and then get Xaraya's category ID, and then figure out if we have divination entries. It's pretty well neglible in ms, but down the road we'll want things integrated tighter - and merging exn/ins/evn/dvn is going to be a bit of a headache with Xaraya. At this point - this is the lowest priority. The poetry site will be built first.

Games/Movies - People/Publishers/Platforms/Genres - We're also sporting an actors/directors DB. The biggest thing about this is that people can search/list reviews by specific actors/directors, publishers, platforms, genres -whatever they like.

Chronologies - This is aimed at columns, more than anything - but admins can set a 'Live Date' for any type of content, and it will be inactive until then. For columns, if someone's going on vacation - you can write say 5, ahead of time - and set Live Date's for them. This is also good if we're swamped with reviews on older media, we can space them out a bit.

Statistics - Seeing as it's a hassle to run stats builds every now and then - 'll be running live stats. What we check:
-Every entry into the site.
-If it's a registered user, we store that too.
-PageViews. Every page requested goes into the DB. This also includes the specific pages, so we can see what's the most popular. This will not include userid's or anything, just a gross number. Will be split between vistors/registereds.
-Registration Path: When a new user registers, we'll see what pages they went to in order, so we can pin down any specific page that makes people register.

On updates - Every update ever is stored, and will be viewable in archives. Once the Interface is up, updates can be changed through it. Only demandred and I will have the ability to add/change a live frontpage update to the site.

A note: Everything listed above is fully implemented, and working for current content. The Admin project means that we integrate this into a user interface. Ie, currently to create a new review - about 7 tables have to be updated manually. So, an interface will do this automatically.

Reviews in particular - Anyone can submit. The basics are a review, good/bad, and a title. THe rest is optional. Submitters can preview their entire review, and using JS highlight the section they want to edit.

Staff takes up a submitted review, and adds what information may be lacking (ie, images (big one), missing info), and then sets the review as active - where it'll be accessed by the main site.

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