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Author Topic: Evolution Status
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Oh, I should mention the rundown of the sidebar buttons:

[Login::register] - 90% complete.
Self explanatory. There are a couple more features, as in better error reporting on login, and still need to test the registration system fully. Must set standards for quoted usernames, to process them correctly.

[updates] - 60% complete.
Will look at reformatting how we display recent messages. Currently, it should pick the 5 topics with the most recent responses. I think it might just pull the first post to that topic, not sure. Will be fixed, made a note of it in errors. Also will show a random gallery image (we'll designate about 2 from each artist in rotation) either random, or on a defined schedule. Random is kinda dumb for a "featured" box.

[reviews] - 80% complete. A couple reviews mixed didn't show. river of blue fire doubled. New features: we've indexed on actors, developers, publishers, genres, authors, types, and more. This will make it very easy to search in the future, and will allow users to filter/order at will.

[features - 95% complete.
I'm proud of this one - very nice and sharp pagination algorithims make sure we have no dumb breaks. Do need to unify text styles throughout, also a spacing problem on the from page of features. Also, images in reviews are fucked.

[articles] - 20% complete.
I say 20%, cause the general framework is in place from the rest of the site. No support exists for this.

[columns] - 0% complete.
Absolutely no support, has not been looked into.

[issues] - 50% complete.
General Framework.

[fiction] - 95% complete.
Mentioned spacing issues in beta forum. Aside from that - gorgeous. Well paginated and works fine.

[poetry] - xx
Will be a link to desperation at our final push.

[discussion] - xx

[gallery] - 10%
Will be rewritten to use the DB, and run out of iniquity. We can start our final launch without full EXN support, as the art and shit exists in the DB, and that's enough to support the front page of EVN.

[directory] - xx
Thank you xaraya, beautiful CMS. However, we're either going to modify the existing code, or extend iniquity to cover dvn's functionality. We need a tight integration between the authors/books we ref in our directory and our existing reviews/features/posts. This may be a full gut.

[downloads/links/join/contact] - xx
Done at some point. All pretty simple & dumb pages.

[logout] - 100% complete
Don't ask me to explain this.

So that's where we stand folks Funny thing is, we stood exactly here Apr 24. Sorry :|

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