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Author Topic: DGN Timetable
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As I get distracted, will provide intervals instead of dates - the min assumes I don't get distracted, the latter assumes I do.


[1] Evolution Final Launch.
I'd say we're about 75% there, at the time of this writing.
4 Weeks work.

[2] Evolution Content Submission
To let users submit reviews and shit.
2 Weeks work.

[3] Desperation Initial Launch
No concrete work started. Lots fo work junked.
2 Weeks work + ?? Conception/Design

[4] Dragonsworn Staff Interface
Part A:
Evolution shit. Be able to approve submissions, add updates, enter completely new reviews...
2 Weeks work.

Part B:
All site integration. Manage DVN, add content to EXN and DSP
8 Weeks work

[5] Exhibition Migration -> Iniquity
Custom Display means more work.
2 Weeks migration

[6] Divinatio: Xaraya mutation or Iniquity Migration
6 Weeks work.

Keep in mind, '6 week works' doesn't meen 42 days 24/7. That just an estimate, and I can do 3 projects of 6 weeks concurrently... just total dev time.

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