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Author Topic: Two more new ones.
Lord of Flies
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posted 27 May 2005 08:59 PM      $post_id   Email Mordeth   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Ok these were done at about 4:30 in the morning for a philosophy project this past monday, so if they suck I am not responsible. The first one is more or less about Sarte's point of view, the second is Freud.


I was born a blank slate,
Going through life,
Changing with every decision,
Influenced only by myself.

Still at the mercy of man,
Cautious of the other's look.
Hesitant of making choices,
In fear of causing anguish.


Always at odds with myself,
I desire what I cannot have.
Struggling to suppress my urges,
I turn to writing for relief.
But what is suppressed breaks free,
And the struggle starts again.

You only truly lose when winning becomes more important than playing.

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posted 29 May 2005 09:53 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Good as always Mordeth... very prolific as well!
Always a pleasure to read em.


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