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Author Topic: Beta Testing
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posted 21 July 2005 03:24 PM      $post_id   Email Mordeth   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Well, I suppose better late than never in testing some of this stuff. Sorry Ish, but I get a bit lost if I am not told exactly what to do and what to look for. I will also get things done if I am given a deadline.

Logins: I had tested the logins previously and tested them again just now, they work fine. Including the remember me function.

Reviews: You can only rate things once, and leaving comments on the reviews works fine as well.

I don't know how to view mySQL code yet... So I haven't tested/looked at any of that yet. Although I suppose one of my bosses would know.

I looked around and can't find anything else to test, several of the pages haven't been implemented yet.

One thing I thought of, but did not test, is you might want to cap the legnth of all fields. When testing the CIWQS program at my work I crashed the entire webserver by uploading several thousand pages into one field and clicking save. I suggest making the cap at something like 10-20 pages in case people want to post short stories on the forums.

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