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Author Topic: SIn City Release Date
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Sin City comes out on Dvd tuesday August 16th. I for one will have it tonight. Switching topics, I hope to marry jessica alba one day. She looks so incredible in this movie. I just have to manage to get close enough to ask her. Then all she has to say is yes and im in there. Anyway the movie was awsome, but constastine on the other hand, wasn't as good as it was when i went to the movie's to see it.

One last thing. this is kind of a raw topic, but has anyone heard of or saw the movie (hustle and flow). I saw that movie and it sucked on so many different levels. Someone told me that since i didn't like it, i must don't like black movies. My comment to that was that that movie wasn't a black movie, it was a garbage movie. I mean the whole plot was junk. Im not in to burnt dvd's, and i have never bought one, but im so glad that i didn';t go to the movies to c that piece of crap, and i hate that i wasted my time watching it. Actually, we didn't even watch the whole thing. we were fast fowarding throught it the whole time, trying to supposedly to find the good parts.

anyway back on topic, Sin city, is diffinitly a must get.


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