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Author Topic: Attention Gmail Users - Google Talk is here!
Ryan Dean
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posted 24 August 2005 07:23 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ryan Dean   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Attention Gmail Users-
Google Talk has arrived! (http://talk.google.com). You need a gmail account to participate, but its nifty! Google has released its own client, but you can use any Jabber-compliant program to connect. If you use Google's client, though, you get the benefit of a pretty bitchin voice chat implementation - all in a 900kb download. Hrrm, if Google can pull that off in 900k... what could they do with an Operating System?

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posted 07 November 2005 09:04 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
No emoticons dammit! New MSN has voice support. Besides, a big draw of IM is being able to talk to lots of people at the same time, at your leisure. Voice talk is why we have phones.

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