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Author Topic: Biggest Old News (Gamers Online)
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Here's the thing. I just got high speed internet through my local cable company. (cable modem) how many people in here own a ps2 and also play online? I just started playing my ps2 online and i have to say, it has been a incredible experience. I started off playing Madden 05, but that quickly ended once my record moved up to 0-10. those guys online are serious. Serious!!! I'm not to much into shooting games but i decided to try Socom 1 navy seals. The game just blew my mind. The game consists Seals and terriost and there are different maps and jobs that the seals or terriost have to perform, like blowing up a bomb site, protecting/killing all the vips/hostages, or just eliminating each other. The first time i logged on it was like 700 people on, and i thought that that was a lot of people. My problem with socom 1 was that the stages were dark and i keep getting killed. I sucked very bad. There's a ranking system where it shows the top online players. I wasn't at the top. The levels are based on 8 players vs 8 players. It doesn't have to be that way. It can be 1 vs 8 or 5 vs 4.

Anyway, i decided to go out and buy Socom 2: US navy seals. Totally different ball game. The first thing I remember was choosing which universe i wanted to play in. There were over 20,000 people online. It was incredible. I still sucked. I was just to much fun. This isn't a review, but i would highly recommend this game to anyone who plays ps2 online or wanted to but didnt know any good games. As i've been playing and learning the maps the game just has gotten better. I haven't even spoken of the clan wars or the different clans people are in and can create.

Anyway, its going on two months and i've been playing a lot. I've improved alot to were people recognize my name and know that im a beast now. But thats just in the first rank. there are five differnet ranks. I'm waiting on socum 3 to come out. I read that the maps are 6x biggers and they have incorporated vehicales into the game.

Well thats my take on it. If anyone in here plays or hasnt played they should because the game is awsome.


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