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Author Topic: General Impressions
Throne of Decay
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posted 07 November 2005 08:34 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Better, much better. About, aCoS level, maybe a tad below.

Still, I didn't see much in the way of wrapping things up. Semirhage was outed, Faile was rescued, Mat divested himself of Tuon. Although the whole circus thing went on a book too long, everything with Mat was entertaining. It's been good to see him become what we expected, and developments with the cannons and such - nice.

Elayne finally deals with Andor, about time. Some of that just went on too long.

But this still leaves the whole *finn stuff to sort out. Given how much it's built up, and how big a part it's played in the plot - I can't see this taking up less than a couple hundred pages. Given that Mat also has to be at Tarmon Gaidon, this seems like an awful lot to manage.

If the series had to be drawn out this long, I would have hoped for a climax spanning a book or two. As it is, I can't see all of Tarmon Gaidon spanning more than a hundred pages or so - which is disturbing, given the amount of characters and events that have to happen.

So short list for next book:

1) Deal with the Ashaman + Taim.
2) Rescue Moiraine
3) Cyndane/Lanfear vs. Moirane showdan (probably at TG)
4) Mat rescues the above, starts using gunpowder
5) Perrin deals with Masema
6) Perrin remembers the rest of the world
7) Red Ajah vs. Ashaman resolved
8) Egwene deals with the Tower
9) Elayne does something + has babies.
10) All the borderlanders who are sitting around camped for hundreds of pages do something as well.
11) Isam, Malkier, Jain/Noal dealt with.
12) Tarmon Gaidon, which may include much of the above.
13) Rand dies... on uh... dragonmount. After he's sealed the bore... and travels there to... die. Or, Rand gives in to LTT, LTT wins, LTT dies on DM, rand gets his body back, hopefully wrangles an arm somehwere.

That's a lot of stuff to cover, especially seeing as KoD was faster on the pace, and didn't cover a tenth of that (ok, maybe a tenth).

Also, Rand has to stop taking his girlfriend to ambushes... seriously. Now he's missing a hand. That sucks. I hope he gets a hook.

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YOu pretty much summed up what has to happen in the next 2 books. It could happen if RJ writes the way he wrote this last book. It was more direct. Elayne's problems are just beginning, I want to know what happens when her mother comes back. Does she want the throne back, does Elayne abdicate for her mother and goes off to Rand's commune in the Three folds land? Dore MOrgase give over to her cradle robbing ways and takes Tolly and go somewhere and leaves governing to Elayne?

These and more questions will be answered in the next episode of As The Wheel Turns

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posted 08 November 2005 02:39 AM      $post_id   Email dalThor   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
I thought it one of the better books in the series and agree it is comparable to aCoS. I can't see how the series can be resolved (properly) in just one more installment. I would prefer to wait on two more books than have one speedy, rather incomplete one...

Add to the list of things occurring Ahvienda(?) getting pregnant, she is to have Dragon-babies too yet.

Morgase's abdication was within a chapter entitled 'The irrevocable words' or some-such thing. I think Elaine will retain the crown...

Rand does deserve a hook, with a chainsaw attachment for when he's too sick to channel....smirk.

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