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Author Topic: Space Opera... Amazon users are idiots
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posted 07 November 2005 09:13 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Wow, so browsing Amazon, looking for some good sci-fi, see all these reviews for 'Dread Empires Fall' by Walter Jon Williams. So give it a shot.

Also, the third book has a quote from GRRM on the front.

Has anyone read these?

These books are HORRIBLE. They're like something I would read in grade 8. It reads like a horrible rendition of Master & Commander in space.

I will give you some background.

Uh, empire ruled by a race called the Shaa. Subjugated many races (5, 6) and they had a nice little thing going. All the Shaa died, because being immortal sucked. The whole government/society is all based on like nobility, read 17th century england. So now, there's a lot of dinner parties, engagements, lords and ladies, and some horrible horrible space battles.

How is this space opera? Am I not defining the term correctly?

Stephen R. Donaldson's 'Gap' series is space opera.
Peter F. Hamiltons's 'Night's Dawn' is space opera.
Alastair Reynolds' Inhibitors sequence is space opera.
Margaret Weis' 'Guardian's' series is space opera.

This? This is just shit. Serves me right for reading something by a guy who wrote a star wars novel, that wasn't Timothy Zahn.

Stay away from this book, unless you like reading about parties, and officers' dinners, and horribly adolescent romances. And when he tries to add tragedy - just... just juvenile.

What I've learned about amazon's ranking system:
The only bad reviews are from people who used to love an authors books, and now hate them. That's it. When we add a review (not rating system) we uh, need to weight it based on what else they've read.


But still reading the third one... ;)

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posted 08 November 2005 03:35 PM      $post_id   Email Antacid   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Haven't read these books, but yes, amazon.com is pretty unreliable, i usually read only the bad reviews... they give me more informatiom to decide if i want to read a book...

I also regard overall 3.5 as lowest, if a book gets 3.5 there it means it's pure crap, not average as it seems to be. 4 is average.

But yeah, sounds like a space opera, that's what's space battles are usually... Space Opera doesn't mean a certain level of quality, it means a certain sub-genre.

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