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inspiration » B - Series » 01 - The Wheel of Time » What's happened to Fain?
Author Topic: What's happened to Fain?
Lord Union
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posted 10 November 2005 12:04 AM      $post_id   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Where has Fain been in the last couple of books?

Is he waiting in the wings for a unexpected triumphant return in the next book?

What's he up to and what roll will he have in the future?

As the name might indicate, I miss him.

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Earth Golem
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posted 11 November 2005 12:41 AM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email LTT   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
he'll be back before last battle, maybe even play an important role in shadow defeat.
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posted 13 November 2005 04:58 PM      $post_id   Author's Homepage   Email Ishamael   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Yeah, but he was somewhat of a significant character. It'd be nice to know what he was off doing, rather than traipsing around with a bunch of plump Aes Sedai playing confusing political games with people with very similar names.

Refresh me, the last we saw of him was in, CoT? In far madding, as Rand was trying to hunt down the renegades?

I do miss him - he was hardcore. Leaving Myyrdraal nailed to places - very cool.

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Lord Union
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posted 13 November 2005 07:43 PM      $post_id   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
I know the name says I believe it, but there are lots of reasons to love Fain.

1) He's sort of a dark Sniffer. When we see people with things from before this age and the age of legends (wolfbrothers, Min's tellings, LLT weaves, Sniffers) we always see them using their powers for nominal good. Besides Luc/Ilsam (sp?), who we really can't be sure if he's still a human, Fain has a power unique to the darkside.

2) He has what I think is the goriest sequence in the books. In book 2 RandCo are chaising him and he desicrates a couple of villages, leaves weird haunting memory flies. (I know that sounds stupid but if you re-read it its true), nails a Fade to a wall, while it's still alive, and makes the Trollocs pile the viscera and heads of the villages' worth of humans for the followers to find. For all of Dumai Wells and Rand's agony over maidens dying, this sequence is horrific enough to have come from another series, even another genre.

3) He takes on the Seanchan by himself.

4) He takes on the White Tower by himself.

5) He gives Rand a wound that cannot be healed.

6) He's the only nonchanneler (as far as I can tell) that can tell when Rand has assumed the void and is using the OP. (Book 2 again).

7) He hates both the Dark and Light sides.

And that is probably the proper reaction to a universe that is caught in the wheel of the pattern. If your world is doomed to traverse the same events time after time, and you are doomed to be spun out again and again, even death doesn't bring peace, then you probably wish for one of two things. You can take the Hindu option and try and better yourself each life ultimately reaching the end of sensation and desire: Nirvana. Or you can do your Nihilist best to destroy the world that has used you as its plaything.

It's really sad that RJ hasn't explored the character lately.

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