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inspiration C - Other Things We Like 05 - The Poets Lounge New Poem
Author Topic: New Poem
Lord of Flies
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posted 11 December 2005 03:47 PM      $post_id   Email Mordeth   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Well, once again this is an untitled piece... it would be quite appreciated if some of you were to help me come up with titles for these things. Anyhow here it goes:


You always ask me what’s wrong,
I always say “I’m just fine.”
But I never told the truth.

Nothing makes sense anymore,
I know that I can trust you,
Why can’t I give up the lie?

I understand that you care,
But I don’t think you can help,
I am too confused inside.

Something is torn inside me,
The pain has consumed my soul,
And it wants to take my life.

I’m still putting up a fight,
But this has gone on so long,
I might just give up and die.

You will always be my friend,
And I do want to be here,
But I need to find myself.

I need to do this alone,
I don’t know what will happen,
But I will come back to you.

You only truly lose when winning becomes more important than playing.

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