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Author Topic: A New Year
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Christmas has come and gone. No further insedent happend in my viewing. (Unless you count at work and that happens on a daily basses so I dont) Any way the jolly seson is over and a new year apon us.
A coworker asked me what my New Years resilution(s)is/are And i truthfuly told them i dont like seeing things half way through so i never make any.
If i was forced to make one id have to say to read more. I use to read hour every night before i went to bed. With my work hours its hard to do it now.
So out of cutiosity i was just wondering how many of you are going to make resilutions this year and what they are.
I hope to hear what all of you are planing to change in your lives! (Even if its not going to be on theis years list) Hope this new year is better than the last.

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