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Author Topic: culmination
Lord Union
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posted 28 October 2007 11:33 PM      $post_id   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
I've often pondered the nature of narrative and mortality.

When we end, I think the saddest thing is that we are denied the culmination of events, the end of the stories around us. In another way, when someone else ends we are denied the end of the stories they tell us.

But there is something poetic and eternal in unfufillment. Maybe RJ stole a march on us, maybe his dying and his unwritten book named, "a memory of light," tell us all we need to know.

I'd like to believe that, I'm probably a little too much of a cynic or a little too wide-eyed to commit.

Then again, maybe Halloween spookiness creeps into my reasoning. Maybe I'll edit and kill this thread in a day.

All my favorite authors die, lol, Zelazny (sidhartha), Dickson (the dragon and the george), Thompson (fear and loathing).

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