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Author Topic: It has been too long...
Lord of Flies
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posted 06 September 2008 04:38 AM      $post_id   Email Mordeth   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Yes, much too long since I have written anything. Here is a new one that just came to me a few minutes ago.


as night time falls
i stagger to my bed,
lay down my tired head,
and darkness consumes me

when i close my eyes
the dreams creep in
my mind takes flight
oh, the things i see

the worlds i wander...
all that was not,
all that is not,
and will not ever be

what i might have done,
the things i might do
the possibilities...
how they torture me

then the sun rises
and light fills my room
the new day has come,
come to set me free

You only truly lose when winning becomes more important than playing.

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