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Author Topic: HBO PILOT
Corlan Dashiva
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posted 17 November 2008 03:19 PM      $post_id   Email Corlan Dashiva   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
Don't know if anyone still here or not but heard rumor of HBO pilot for Game of Thrones. Any thoughts on this?
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posted 19 November 2008 05:31 AM      $post_id   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
It's not a rumor, it's a fact, Martin's blog confirmed it days ago. The problem is that HBO will have about 10 pilots or so and then they are going to decide which ones will be actual shows.

I'm very excited about this. It needs to be a kick ass pilot so it gets picked, but just think of the potential!

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Lord of Flies
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posted 29 January 2009 07:59 PM      $post_id   Email Mordeth   Send New Private Message    Reply With Quote 
After all this time I finally started A Song of Ice and Fire. Silly me, I should have been reading this long ago. I am looking forward to the HBO special. OTOH, I hate waiting for the next in the series.

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