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Author Topic: Legend of the Seeker
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I downloaded the whole series and made a effort to watch all episdos in like 4 days or something.. At first i thought that they were going to screw the whole thing up but as i got into the fith episode i was surprised. They managed to keep the core story intact. Wow.. Then all of a sudden.. the 8th episode or maybe 11th idk but it all went to hell... and oh the ending .. the ending was horrible.. or maybe if i had never read the books this would have been a good ending.. but unfortuantly for all his readers we did.. i just dont know what else to say,.. it wasnt bad.. it just wasnt good..

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Aginor has watched the series faithfully throughout the two seasons... Aginor is frequently floored by moments of "That SO did not happen in the books, or... if it did, Aginor must be more mad then he thought!"

And still other moments of "Aginor thinks this is where Goodkind could not get away with Witches and Demons fornicating in order to cast magic, and evil magicians cutting off nipples to use for magic."

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